The daggertooths (genus Anotopterus) are a genus of aulopiform fish, the sole genus of the family Anotopteridae. They are found in oceans worldwide, but prefer cooler waters. Daggertooths are similar to the related lancetfishes in appearance, with a large mouth and dagger-like teeth. More

Daggertooth (Anotopterus pharao, meaning "without fins on its back, of the Pharaoh") is a daggertooth described in 1911 by E. Zugmayer. The distribution occurs in the North Atlantic Ocean and west of Africa. The record size for this species is 96 cm and was hermaphroditic. More

At 71°S, the half-grown, 50 cm long daggertooth specimen (below) is one of the southernmost daggertooth specimens ever caught. The unusual forward-curved teeth in the upper jaw of this species help it to immobilise its prey. More

Daggertooth01-15-2001, 12:33 AMA Spa??? Own Room? *Stares around in angry jealousy:mad:* *hushed whisper* "I'll Get even with them, With them all! Ha Ha. All those Veterans will fall to my anger. More

ships, while deadly Daggertooth Sharks circle in the waters below. The heroes keep the skills and items they acquire during each adventure, allowing them to face progressively harder challenges and deadlier foes. More

Common names

daga in Spanish (español)
Daggertooth in English
Mizu-uodamashi in Japanese (日本語)
North Pacific daggertooth in English

Order : Aulopiformes
Family : Anotopteridae
Genus : Anotopterus
Species : Anotopterus pharao
Authority : Kukuev, 1998