Brook silverside

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The Brook silverside lives in the pelagic, freshwater environment.

Brook silversides are small fish that have a very unique mouth that forms a small beak. They form large schools that are active just under the surface during the day. More

CHARACTERISTICS: The brook silverside is a small, slender species with an elongate caudal peduncle. The top of the head the anterior part of the back are somewhat flattened. More

The Brook Silverside was introduced into the Platte River, Nebraska, as well as reservoirs and several lakes in the drainage. The species was accidentally introduced in Nebraska at the Sutherland cooling pond in July 1979. More

The brook silverside is a small fish reaching only 5 inches. They are important forage fish for larger predators. This is a schooling fish often found near the surface. More

Brook silverside; Panama silverside; Moon silverside; Longfin silverside; Star silverside; Landia silverside; Atlantic silverside; Inland silverside; Samoan silverside; Whitley's silverside; Sumatran silverside; Brook trout; Brook stickleback; Red-tailed silverside; Rajah brook's birdwing; Fareastern brook lamprey; Rajah brooke's birdwing; Pyrenean brook newt; More

The route of introduction of brook silverside is unclear; they could have entered the lake from the Mohawk River via the Champlain Canal at the ... More

The brook silverside is found almost exclusively in the Eastern Broadleaf Forest Subregion. It is found throughout the Mississippi River, though is most abundant in Pools 9-14. The brook silverside has also been collected in the Cedar and Maquoketa River drainages. More

freshwaters in North America, and the brook silverside is the only one found in Virginia. More

Brook silversides are known for leaping out of the water over and over again-especially on moonlit nights - to catch flying insects that are near the water's surface. Brook silversides eat mostly copepods, waterfleas, and a variety of insects. More

The brook silverside is New York's only freshwater member of the New World silverside family. An image of the brook silverside is available for download. More

The brook silverside is a very slender fish with a beaklike snout and two widely separated dorsal fins. This fish lives in creeks, ponds, lakes and streams. It may also be found in shallow areas of reservoirs. More

Common names

Bækstribefisk in Danish (dansk)
brook silverside in English
crayon d?argent in French (français)
crayon d'argent in French (français)
Rotmaul-Ährenfisch in German (Deutsch)
溪銀漢魚 in Mandarin Chinese
溪银汉鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Atheriniformes
Family : Atherinopsidae
Genus : Labidesthes
Species : Labidesthes sicculus
Authority : Cope, 1865