Spotted spoon-nose eel

The Spotted spoon-nose eel lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 100 m environment.

Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel, Echiophis intertinctus, coming out of sand to attack, St. More

Spotted spoon-nose eel (Echiophis intertinctus) Spotted Spoon-nose eel (Echiophis intertinctus) Spotted moray eel (Gymnothorax moringa) Spotted moray (Gymnothorax moringa) Southern Stingray (Dasyatis americana) More

Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) Photos = Description: Warnings: n/a Is Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) edible (good-eating)? No More

Spotted Spoon-nose Eel, Echipophis intertinctus Click for details Spotted Snake Eel, Ophichthus ophis Click for details Brown Garden Eel, Heteroconger longissimus Click for details Goldspotted eel, Myrichthys ocellatus More

Spotted spoon-nose eel ( Echiophis intertinctus ) Gulf of Mexico 3044 thumbnail picture Head of stippled spoon-nose eel or snapper eel ( Echiophis punctifer ) Gulf of Mexico More

Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) seemed to think something shiny on my jacket was food. Scary moment.<><><><>Canon G7, St Vincent by: Brian MayesSpotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) seemed to... More

Common names

Congro in Portuguese (Português)
Hadař západoindický in Czech (česky)
Moréia in Portuguese (Português)
Safío dentudo lunado in Spanish (español)
Serpenton à grandes taches in French (français)
spotted spoon-nose eel in English
tieso cucharón manchado in Spanish (español)
Tieso manchado in Spanish (español)
Tieso pintado in Spanish (español)
斑点匙吻鳗 in Mandarin Chinese
斑點匙吻鰻 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Ophichthidae
Genus : Echiophis
Species : Echiophis intertinctus
Authority : Richardson, 1848