Spoon-nose eel

fish book is a "Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel" echiophis intertincus but I am not sure. The head is about 6" wide. Any help would be appreciated. More

Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel, Echiophis intertinctus coming out of sand. inhabits sandy areas. St. More

Snapper eel (AKA Stippled spoon-nose eel) , Echiophis punctifer , St. Vincent. More

Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) Photos = Description: Warnings: n/a Is Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) edible (good-eating)? No More

The Spoon-nose eel lives in the sand. When disturbed, it withdraws into the sand. Location: Dominica, Caribbean Image ID: 000597 To license this image, contact Jonathan Bird or SEARCH for more images on this site. More

Spotted Spoon-nose Eel, Echipophis intertinctus Click for details Spotted Snake Eel, Ophichthus ophis Click for details Brown Garden Eel, Heteroconger longissimus Click for details Goldspotted eel, Myrichthys ocellatus More

Spotted spoon-nose eel ( Echiophis intertinctus ) Gulf of Mexico 3044 thumbnail picture Head of stippled spoon-nose eel or snapper eel ( Echiophis punctifer ) Gulf of Mexico More

spotted spoon-nose eel Spotted spoon-nose eel, Echiophis intertinctus brown garden eels Brown garden eel, Heteroconger halis More

Spotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) seemed to think something shiny on my jacket was food. Scary moment.<><><><>Canon G7, St Vincent by: Brian MayesSpotted Spoon-Nose Eel (Echiophis intertinctus) seemed to... More

Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Ophichthidae
Genus : Echiophis
Species : Echiophis brunneus
Authority :

Echiophis brunneus