Freshwater moray

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Author: Tess Reloep

The Freshwater moray lives in the demersal, anadromous, freshwater, brackish, marine environment.

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Freshwater Moray Eels are intriguing pets that make an excellent addition to bare tanks or tanks with larger, aggressive fish. With a little research and patience, taking care of these eels can be a simple process. More

Freshwater moray eels can be a very pleasant experience if you are willing to meet their demands. I find healthy morays a beautiful and interesting addition to any aquarium which meet their requirements and it’s a pleasure to see them lurk in there caves. More

Freshwater Moray Eels are not really what their common name pretends they are. Put into the standard community tanks they sometimes start to reduce the stocking, but in most cases simply starve or die due to various diseases. More

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The freshwater moray eel (Echidna rhodochilus) is an exotic, wild-caught species native to Asia, in the area around the Philipines. If you are running MSIE, click here for the ultimate gallery. More

The Freshwater Moray Eel (Gymnothorax tile) is a moray.jpg (7480 bytes)wonderful aquarium inhabitant that is rarely seen in pet stores. When available to aquarists, it disappears quickly and happy hobbyists rush home with a fish they have no idea how to care for. More

The Freshwater Moray can be recognised by its colour and habitat. It is yellowish to brown with dark spots on the head, body and fins. The snout and lower jaw of adults are pale. More

Origins: Most freshwater moray eels come from the mouths of rivers where they pour into the ocean. Most of their cousins live in the oceans. These guys come into areas where fresh and salt waters mix – brackish water. More

The Freshwater Moray Eel, despite its common name, is not a true freshwater fish. Rather, it lives primarily in estuaries and bays, and sometimes migrates upstream to freshwater areas for short periods of time. More

The Freshwater moray is a facultatively catadromous species, meaning it reproduces in the sea but spends most of its life in fresh water. More

Common names

Freshwater moray in English
Indian mud moray in English
Kultamureena in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Muréna sladkovodní in Czech (česky)
蒂尔裸胸鳝 in Mandarin Chinese
蒂爾裸胸鱔 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Muraenidae
Genus : Gymnothorax
Species : Gymnothorax tile
Authority : Hamilton, 1822