Southern moray

The Southern moray lives in the demersal, marine environment.

the southern Moray Firth, where large groups of dolphins (15-35+ animals) can often be seen herding fish. More

This Southern Moray was collected by Frederick McCoy in 1884 from Half Moon Bay in Port Phillip Bay. Although there have been many surveys of Port Phillip Bay over the years, his is the only specimen known to exist. More

acutorostrata) in the southern Moray Firth, northeast Scotland, in relation to co-occurring mesoscale oceanographic features. Remote Sensing of Environment 112(8): 3449-3454 (Download as a pdf)_(596 Kb). Culloch R.M. & Robinson K.P. More

Unsurpassed views of the scenic Southern Moray Firth coast can be viewed from Ardersier and the Gun Lodge Hotel. A Panoramic view of the area can be seen from the Hotel, with Fort George as a significant landmark and the inspiring mountains across the Moray Firth. More

A large area of the southern Moray Firth, centred on Buckie, is fished for Norway lobsters, and this is now the most valuable fishery in the Moray Firth. More

Common names

Muréna půlměsíční in Czech (česky)
Southern moray in English

Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Muraenidae
Genus : Gymnothorax
Species : Gymnothorax austrinus
Authority : B