Genus Psephotus


Golden-shouldered parakeet - The Golden-shouldered Parrot is 23–28 cm long. The adult male is mainly blue and has a characteristic yellow over the shoulder area. It has a black cap and pale yellow frontal band. It has a pinkish lower belly, thighs and undertail-coverts. It has a Grey-brown lower back. Adult female are mainly dull greenish-yellow, and have a broad cream bar on the underside of the wings. Juveniles are similar to the adult female.


Hooded Parrot - An Australian endemic, the Hooded Parrot inhabits to semi-arid areas of northeast Northern Territory. It nests in a termite mound. The female lays two to four white eggs. The diet consists mainly of seeds, berries and vegetables.

Red-rumped Parrot - The Red-rumped Parrot , also known as the Red-backed Parrot or Grass Parrot, is a common bird of south-eastern Australia, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin.


Beautiful parakeet - Paradise Parrots lived in pairs or small family groups, making their nests in hollowed-out termite mounds and similar places, often at or near ground level, and feeding, so far as is known, almost exclusively on grass seeds.


Mulga Parrot - The Mulga Parrot , also known as the Many-coloured Parrot, is endemic in arid scrublands and lightly timbered grasslands in the interior of southern Australia.

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Psephotus