Genus Tachybaptus

Least grebe - The Least Grebe ranges in length from 21–27 cm and in weight from 112–180 g . Like all grebes, its legs are set far back on its body and it cannot walk well, though it is an excellent swimmer and diver. Small and plump, with a fairly short, sharp-pointed beak and bright yellow eyes, it typically appears quite dark all over.

Australasian Grebe - It is an excellent swimmer and diver, and usually dives immediately when alarmed and swims away under water.


Madagascar Little Grebe - The binomial name commemorates the Austrian ornithologist August von Pelzeln.

Little Grebe - The Little Grebe , also known as Dabchick, is 23 to 29 cm in length. It is the smallest European member of the grebe family of water birds and is commonly found in open bodies of water across most of its range.


Alaotra Grebe - This species declined in the course of the 20th century, mainly due to habitat destruction and predation by introduced snakehead murrel . Also, the few remaining birds increasingly hybridized with Little Grebes which use the wetlands as a migration stopover site; as the species differed in several key aspects, the hybrid birds may have suffered from decreased fitness, to the detriment of the rufolavatus gene pool.

Order : Podicipediformes
Family : Podicipedidae
Genus : Tachybaptus