Genus Polioptila

Blue-grey Gnatcatcher - Adults are blue-grey on the upperparts with white underparts and have a long slender bill, long black tail and an angry black unibrow. They have a white eye ring.

Margarita gnatcatcher - The male is dusky gray overall, distinguished only by its black crown and thin black beak. It has a long, thin black tail with narrow white tips and edges on the underside of the tail feathers. However, the male loses its plumage colors by winter, and obtains a plumage color like the females. The female is similar to the male, but with a blue-gray instead of a black crown.

Masked Gnatcatcher - Its jizz is similar to that of other gnatcatchers; a small bird with a relatively long thin bill, a long frequently cocked tail, and grey upperparts. The central rectrices are black, while the outer are white , and there is a white patch in the wing . Males of the southern and western group , the Masked Gnatcatchers in the strict sense, have grey underparts and a broad black mask. Females lack the mask, but instead have a black patch behind the eyes on the auriculars. The northern nominate subspecies dumicola is distinctive, with white underparts in both sexes, and a narrow black mask in the male. It may be a separate species, Berlepsch's Gnatcatcher.


Guianan Gnatcatcher - The Guianan Gnatcatcher is a species of bird in the Polioptilidae family. It is found in Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.


Lead-colored flycatcher - The Black-tailed Gnatcatcher was described by American ornithologist George Newbold Lawrence in 1857. Meaning 'black-tailed', its specific name is derived from the Ancient Greek melano- 'black' and oura 'tail'.


Black-capped gnatcatcher - Adults are blue-grey on the upperparts with white underparts, with a long slender bill and a long black tail with white outer tailbands on the uppertail. The undertail is extensively white, showing black only along a thin vertical center line and at the very tip. Males show a prominent black cap. This species is very similar to the California Gnatcatcher and the Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.


Tropical Gnatcatcher - The adult Tropical Gnatcatcher is 10–12 cm long, and weighs 6–8 g .

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Polioptilidae
Genus : Polioptila