Genus Seiurus

Ovenbird - It is the subject of the poem "The Oven Bird" by Robert Frost, published first 1916 in his poetry collection Mountain Interval.

Louisiana Waterthrush - The Louisiana Waterthrush, Seiurus motacilla , is a New World warbler. It breeds in eastern North America from southernmost Canada and south through the eastern USA, excluding Florida and the coast.

Northern Waterthrush - The Northern Waterthrush is one of the larger New World warblers. It breeds in the northern part of North America in Canada, and in the northern United States, . This bird is migratory, wintering in Central America, the West Indies, and Florida; also Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. It is a very rare vagrant to western Europe; also other South American countries.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Parulidae
Genus : Seiurus