Genus Ptiloris


Eastern Riflebird - Its appearance resembles and sometimes considered as a subspecies of the Magnificent Riflebird, being different by the lower breast and abdomen coloration, male's distinctive growling song and feathered culmen base.

Magnificent Riflebird - The Magnificent Riflebird is widely distributed throughout lowland rainforests of New Guinea and far Northeastern Australia. The diet consists mainly of fruits and arthropods.

Paradise Riflebird - Endemic to eastern Australia, the Paradise Riflebird is distributed to rainforests of New South Wales and central Queensland. The diet consists mainly of insects and fruits.

Queen Victoria Riflebird - The smallest riflebird, it measures between 23–25 cm. Male have an iridescent purple sheen plumage, which becomes more blue-green on the head and more bronze on the lower breast. The throat is velvety black with a metallic green and blue triangular patch in the center. Females have a pale eyebrow, and the buff underparts are faintly barred with brown. The call is a loud "yaars".

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Paradisaeidae
Genus : Ptiloris