Genus Notiomystis


Stitchbird - The Stitchbird is a small honeyeater-like bird with a dark velvety cap and white ear-tufts. Males have a yellow band across the chest separating the black head from the rest of the body, which is grey. Females and juveniles are duller than males, lacking the black head and yellow chest band. The bill is rather thin and somewhat curved, and the tongue is long with a brush at the end for collecting nectar. Stitchbirds are very active and call frequently. Their most common call, a tzit tzit sound, is believed to be the source of their common name, as Buller noted that it "has a fanciful resemblance to the word stitch". They also have a high-pitched whistle and an alarm call which is a nasal pek like a bellbird. Males give a piercing three-note whistle and a variety of other calls not given by the female.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Meliphagidae
Genus : Notiomystis