Genus Amaurornis


Elwes' Crake - The Black-tailed Crake is a species of bird in the Rallidae family. It is found in Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Black Crake - The adult Black Crake is 19–23 cm long with a short tail and long toes. As its name implies, the adult has mainly black plumage, with a brown olive tone on the wings and upperparts which is rarely detectable in the field. The eye is red, the bill is yellow , and the legs and feet are red, duller when not breeding.


Isabelline Waterhen - The Isabelline Waterhen, Amaurornis isabellina also known as Sulawesi Waterhen or Isabelline Bush-hen is a large, up to 40cm long, rufous and brown rail. The term isabelline refers to the colouration. It is the largest member of the genus Amaurornis. Both sexes are similar with olive brown plumage, pale green bill, greenish brown legs and rufous below.


Talaud Bush-hen - It is a recently described species from Karakelang Island in the Talaud Islands, Indonesia. It occurs in forest, scrub, and overgrown plantations.


Amaurornis moluccana - It is found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Solomon Islands. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.


Sakalava Rail - Its natural habitats are rivers, swamps, freshwater lakes, and freshwater marshes. It is threatened by habitat loss.

White-breasted Waterhen - The White-breasted Waterhen is a waterbird of the rail and crake family Rallidae that is widely distributed across South and Southeast Asia. They are dark slaty birds with a clean white face, breast and belly. They are somewhat bolder than most other rails and are often seen stepping slowly with their tail cocked upright in open marshes or even drains near busy roads. They are largely crepuscular in activity and during the breeding season after the first rains make loud and persistent croaky calls.

Order : Gruiformes
Family : Rallidae
Genus : Amaurornis