Genus Pinguinus

Great Auk - The Great Auk was 75 to 85 centimetres tall and weighed around 5 kilograms , making it the largest member of the alcid family. It had a black back and a white belly. The black beak was heavy and hooked with grooves etched into its surface. During the breeding season, the Great Auk had a white patch over each eye. After the breeding season, the auk lost this patch, instead developing a white band stretching between the eyes. The wings were 15 centimetres long, rendering the bird flightless. Instead, the auk was a powerful swimmer, a trait that it utilized in hunting. Its favorite prey were fish, including Atlantic Menhaden and Capelin, and crustaceans. Although agile in the water, it was clumsy on land. Its main predators were Orcas, White-tailed Eagles, Polar Bears, and humans. Great Auk pairs mated for life. They nested in extremely dense and social colonies, laying one egg on bare rock. The egg was white with variable brown streaking. Both parents incubated for about six weeks before their young h

Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Alcidae
Genus : Pinguinus