Ambystomatidae - Terrestrial mole salamanders are identified by having wide, protruding eyes, prominent costal grooves, thick arms, and rounded tails.

Amphiumidae - Amphiuma is a genus of aquatic salamanders, the only extant genus within the family Amphiumidae .

Cryptobranchidae - The hellbender and Asian giant salamanders are aquatic amphibians found in brooks and ponds in the United States, China, and Japan.

Plethodontidae - The Plethodontidae, or Lungless salamanders, are a family of salamanders.

Hynobiidae - The Asiatic Salamanders are primitive salamanders found all over Asia, and in European Russia.

Salamandridae - Salamandridae is a family of salamanders consisting of true salamanders and newts.

Proteidae - Mudpuppies or waterdogs are aquatic salamanders of the family Proteidae.

Sirenidae - Sirenidae, or sirens, are a family of aquatic salamanders.

Rhyacotritonidae - The torrent salamanders or Cascade salamanders are a family with only one genus of salamanders.

Order : Caudata