The Axolotl is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

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The axolotl (pronounced /ˈæksəlɒtəl/), Ambystoma mexicanum, is the best known of the Mexican neotenic mole salamanders belonging to the Tiger Salamander complex. Larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled. More

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The axolotl was not recognized as a salamander until 1865, when several specimens at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris suddenly underwent metamorphosis. More

Axolotl (or ajolote) is the common name for the salamander Ambystoma mexicanum, which is the best-known of the Mexican neotenic mole salamanders belonging to the Tiger Salamander complex. More

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The Axolotl is unusual in nature because it retains its larval form into adulthood. In fact, it becomes sexually mature in this state. More

The ghostly looking Mexican axolotl retains some of its larval features for life, including its feathery pink external gills. More

The axolotl, or Mexican walking fish, is a variety of salamander found in the waters of Lake Xochimilco near Mexico City, Mexico. More

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Axolotl verges on wild extinction Matt Walker Editor, Earth News Mexican axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)A captive albino axolotl displays its larval gills The amphibian that never grew up is on the verge of going extinct More

The Axolotl may not a common pet, but it is very unique. The axolotl is a type of salamander, native to Mexico. It's scientific name is Ambystoma mexicanum. The common pet or laboratory Axolotl refers exclusively to A. More

mexicanum (Mexican axolotl), in which the larval form (including external gills) is retained throughout life under natural conditions (see neoteny): family Ambystomidae2. More

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Are axolotls still found in the wild? Q.Are there any feral populations of axolotls? Q.What is a water dog? Is it the same as an axolotl? Q. What are the differences between axolotls and tiger salamanders? Q. More

Videos and images Leucistic axolotl resting on vegetation This astonishing species is part of the family of ‘mole salamanders’, but exhibits an unusual and extreme trait known as neoteny, or paedomorphosis. More

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The Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is a large Mexican salamander noted for its demonstration of neoteny, remaining in its aquatic larval form even as a sexually mature adult and not undergoing metamorphosis into a terrestrial form. More

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The Axolotl is the luckiest animal in all of Mexico, for he exhibits a property called neoteny, meaning that he reaches sexual maturity without undergoing metamorphosis. The axolotl can be induced to metamorphose by drinking salamander goo. More

Mexican Walking Fish - Axolotl The axolotl is a fascinating creature, one of the few salamanders which are fully aquatic. They are sometimes referred to as the Mexican Walking Fish, but this is not a proper name, because they are not fish, but amphibians. More

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Order : Caudata
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