Genus Testudo

Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise - The Greek Tortoise is often confused with Hermann's Tortoise .

Hermann's Tortoise - Hermann's Tortoise is one of five tortoise species traditionally placed in the genus Testudo, which also includes the well-known Marginated Tortoise , Greek Tortoise , and Russian Tortoise , for example.

Horsfield's Tortoise - The Russian Tortoise, Horsfield's Tortoise or Central Asian Tortoise is a species of tortoise that is a popular pet.


Egyptian tortoise - Kleinmann's Tortoise , often called Egyptian Tortoise and occasionally Leith's Tortoise, also includes the Negev Tortoise.


Marginated tortoise - Testudo weissingeri Bour, 1995 Testudo marginata weissingeri Bour, 1995

Order : Testudines
Family : Testudinidae
Genus : Testudo