Horsfield's Tortoise

The Horsfield's Tortoise is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

Horsfield's tortoise, resulting in some confusion when seeking information about it. For the sake of brevity, the Russian/Afghan/steppe/central Asian/four-toed/Horsfield's tortoise will be referred to hereafter as the Russian tortoise. More

Russian Tortoise, also known as Horsfield's tortoise, is found over vast areas of dry arid habitat. There are at least three recognized subspecies of Testudo horsfieldii: T. horsfieldii kazachtanica, T. horsfieldii rustmovi and T. horsfieldii horsfieldii. More

The Horsfield's tortoise is an Asiatic species of wide zoogeographic distribution, albeit at low individual population densities. More

also be noted that Horsfield's tortoises have proved susceptible to epidemics of viral disease (Lange, et.al. 1989) and should be regarded as potential carriers of Herpes-type organisms. All other health problems are diagnosed, and treated, as per T. hermanni or T. graeca. More

Horsfield's tortoise can survive for some considerable time; a cold, damp Horsfield's tortoise is likely to succumb to pneumonia very quickly. In prolonged spells of cold and wet weather, T. More

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specimens of Horsfield's tortoise were imported into the United Kingdom. More

Common names

Afghan tortoise in English - English
Central Asian tortoise in English - English
Four-toed tortoise in English - English
Horsfield's Tortoise in English - English
Horsfield’s Tortoise in English - English
Kirgizteknős in Hungarian - Magyar
Kvarunga testudo in Esperanto - Esperanto
Nelivarvaskilpikonna in Finnish - suomen kieli
Rysk stäppsköldpadda in Swedish - Svenska
Steppe tortoise in English - English
Steppenschildkrote in German - Deutsch
Testudo horsfieldii in Italian - Italiano
Tortue d'horsfield in French - français
Tortue de Horsfield in French - français
Tortue des steppes in French - français
Tortuga terrestre afgana in Spanish - español
Vierteenlandschildpad in Dutch - Nederlands
Vierzehenschildkröte in German - Deutsch
Želva čtyřprstá in Czech - česky
Żółw stepowy in Polish - polski
Афганская in Russian - русский язык
Русская in Russian - русский язык
Среднеазиатская in Russian - русский язык
Черепаха Степная in Russian - русский язык
черепаха Хорсфилда in Russian - русский язык
ヨツユビリクガメ in Japanese - 日本語
四爪陸龜 in Chinese - 中文

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Order : Testudines
Family : Testudinidae
Genus : Testudo
Species : Testudo horsfieldii
Authority : Gray, 1844