Family Scincidae

Ablepharus - The skink genus Ablepharus contains the common snake-eyed skinks.

Acontophiops - The genus Acontophiops is a genus of legless skinks.

Anomalopus - Anomalopus is the genus of worm-skinks, smallish smooth-scaled burrowing skinks from the eastern half of Australia.

Barkudia - Genus Barkudia

Brachymeles - Brachymeles is a genus of skinks .

Chalcides - Chalcides is a genus of skinks .

Coeranoscincus - Animals in the Coeranoscincus genus are a type of skink found in Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia.

Ctenotus - Ctenotus is a genus of skinks .

Cyclodina - Cyclodina is a genus of skinks found only in New Zealand, except for one species which is found only on Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.

Emoia - Emoa Girard, 1857

Eulamprus - Eulamprus, the water skinks, are a genus of skinks in the subfamily Lygosominae.

Eumeces - Two Taxonomic revisions have been made in the 19th century regarding genus Eumeces.

Plestiodon - The genus Plestiodon are skinks .

Eutropis - 30 sp.

Isopachys - Genus Isopachys

Janetaescincus - Janetaescincus is a genus of burrowing skinks endemic to the Seychelles.

Leiolopisma - Didosaurus

Lerista - Lerista is a diverse genus of skink endemic to Australia which is especially notable for the variation in the amount of limb reduction .

Lipinia - The lipinias are skinks .

Lygosoma - Writhing skinks, genus Lygosoma, are members of the lizard family Scincidae, where they form the type genus of the subfamily Lygosominae.

Macroscincus - There appears from pickled specimens that this species had a 'belly button' slit indicating viviparism.

Mesoscincus - Mesoscincus is a genus comprising three species of skink native to Mexico and Central America.

Niveoscincus - Niveoscincus is a genus of skinks , commonly called Snow Skinks For similar skinks see genera Pseudemoia, Lampropholis, and Bassiana.

Oligosoma - Oligosoma is a genus of small to medium-sized skinks .

Ophiomorus - Genus Ophiomorus

Pamelaescincus - It is usually placed in the subfamily Scincinae which seems to be paraphyletic however.

Parvoscincus - Genus Parvoscincus

Phoboscincus - Genus Phoboscincus

Scelotes - Genus Scelotes

Scincella - Scincella is a genus of lizards in the skink family, Scincidae, commonly referred to as ground skinks.

Sphenomorphus - Hinulia Spenopmorphus

Sphenops - The status of this genus is in doubt because its members might be better classified in another genus such as Chalcides.

Tiliqua - Trachydosaurus

Tribolonotus - The crocodile skinks are squamates of the genus Tribolonotus.

Tropidophorus - Genus Tropidophorus

Order : Squamata
Family : Scincidae