Family Agamidae

Calotes - Calotes is a lizard genus in the draconine clade of the family Agamidae.

Ceratophora - Ceratophora is a genus of Agamid lizards found in Sri Lanka.

Cophotis - Cophotis is a genus of lizards in the Agamidae family.

Draco - Draco is the Latin word for dragon.

Hydrosaurus - Hydrosaurus, commonly known as the sailfin lizards, is a genus of the family Agamidae are found in southeast Asia.

Uromastyx - The generic name is derived from the Ancient Greek words ourĂ¡  meaning "tail" and mastigo  meaning "whip" or "scourge", after the thick-spiked tail characteristic of all Uromastyx species.

Order : Squamata
Family : Agamidae