Philippine Sailfin Lizard

The Philippine Sailfin Lizard is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.

The Philippine Sailfin lizard (Hydrosaurus pustulatus) is an oviparous lizard living only in the Philippines. It is classed by the IUCN as vulnerable. The Sailfin lizard is an excellent swimmer and has flattened toes that enable it to run across water. More

Philippine Sailfin Lizard - information on Philippine sailfin lizards and a photo of the head of a male; Oregon Zoo Iguana site - this herp enthusiast has a sailfin lizard in addition to some iguanas, photo included of young, cute sailfin. More

The Philippine Sailfin Lizard lives mainly beside water e.g. rivers, riverbanks, ricefields etc. as these lizards love to swim. The adults may reach up to a meter in length. More

The Philippine Sailfin Lizard (Hydrosaurus pustulatus) is threatened throughout most of its remaining range by destruction of habitat and over-hunting for food and the live animal trade. More

The Philippine sailfin lizard illegally sold in some pet shops in Manila has been included on IUCN More

How much is a philippine sailfin lizard there in the US? = im thinking of buying a philippine sailfin lizard it costs around 280 pesos which is about 4 dollars there i live in the philippines and im wondering if it wud get a long with More

philippine sailfin lizard FOR SALE!!!! Philippines Register | Username or E-mail * : Password * : OpenID Login | Forgot your login details? | Resend Activation Code | SSL Secured Login Option (https) OpenID Login | Login Saved (0) | History (0) More

Common names

Crested Lizard in English - English
Hydrosaurus pustulatus in Spanish - espaƱol
Philippine Sailfin Lizard in English - English
Sail-fin lizard in English - English
Soa-soa water lizard in English - English

Picture of Hydrosaurus pustulatus has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Original source: Flickr
Author: Richard Parker
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Squamata
Family : Agamidae
Genus : Hydrosaurus
Species : Hydrosaurus pustulatus
Authority : ESCHSCHOLTZ 1829