Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Hystricognathi
Family : Caviidae
Subfamily : Caviinae


Facts about the subfamily Caviinae, the cavies

This M3 morphology shared with the Dolichotinae-Caviinae clade suggests that parallel borders are a derived feature in some Dolichotinae and the condition observed in the Caviinae is a primitive state.

Celestial Cavies is dedicated to breeding show quality cavies following the ARBA's Standard of Perfection.

BandiRose Cavies is located in Bangor, Maine, U. (Full text)

Island Cavies is located near Peterborough Ontario, Island Cavies was established in 1999, concentrating on Broken Silkies, Beige Satin Peruvians and Agouti Teddies (Full text)

Thanks, JoLaineAnswerNeutering cavies is not as risky as people think and since you have an experienced vet, everything should go well. (Full text)

Punk Rock Cavies is dedicated to cavy care, good information, articles, pictures, & more! (Full text)

These animals prefer the company of their own kind and having 2 cavies is twice the fun of a single piggy.

cavies is very simple. (Full text)

(Cavies is another name for guinea pigs if you didn't know) and I've found some information on it but I want to know have any of you had guinea pigs with this skin disease and how bad did it get before they were cured and how did you cure it? (Full text)

00LaReau Lops & Cavies is a small Wisconsin rabbitry raising quality French Lops, Holland Lops and Cavies .

isTrellix = 1; Cavies Are US (Full text)

Rabbits and Cavies are Spiffy!

Paw-Talk Pets Forum - View Single Post - Cavies are great (Full text)

Paw-Talk Pets Forum - Cavies are great (Full text)

Cavies Are Us

Cavies - Are Guinea Pigs Amphibians

Cavies - Are Guinea Pigs Rodents

Also known as mara, Patagonian cavies are found in the dry grasslands of the Argentina foothills, in an area known as Patagonia. (Full text)

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