Order : Proboscidea
Family : Elephantidae


Animals in the family Elephantidae

Asiatic elephant
African elephant
Facts about the family Elephantidae, the elephants

"Whether sad, angry, distressed, eager, or playful, elephants are this in a big way" Joyce Poole quoted in The Fate Of The Elephant

04/30/02: Elephants are vegans.

04/30/02: Elephants are weak.

A group of about 100 elephants is causing havoc on communal land west of Khorixas

ABC News: Breeding Captive Elephants Is Difficult

AP Wire | 12/06/2004 | Breeding Captive Elephants Is Difficult

Breeding Captive Elephants Is Difficult (phillyBurbs.

OFFSPRING AND MATERNAL CARE The tender loving care lavished on baby elephants is one of the species' more endearing traits.

Thailand's Elephants are in Big Trouble

The family Elephantidae is the root from which the mammoth, Asian elephant, and African elephant came from.

com - Circus elephants are main attraction at congressional inquiry - June 13, 2000 (Full text)

A Guide to Pink Elephants is a cocktail recipe collection. (Full text)

De Elephantidae is de laatste familie die nog over is. (Full text)

DNA Tests Show African Elephants Are Two Species (Full text)

com Greys and Elephants: Is There a Relationship? (Full text)

The greatest threat to elephants is the ivory trade. (Full text)

Detailed information about African elephants is also found in several "site-wide" articles—see the full article for a list. (Full text)

And the collared elephants are sending SMS messages directly to farmers' phones. (Full text)

This goes some of the way to explaining why elephants are not brightly colored but it still doesn't explain why they are such a dull insipid gray. (Full text)

UCSD Professor Explains How Elephants Are Able To Snorkel (Full text)

LFNT SMS LOL The Tech Bloom – Collaborative and Emergent Technologies Save the Elephants is a conservation group working to protect elephants in the wild. (Full text)

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