Tetraodon leiurus

Tetraodon leiurus brevirostris >> Twinspot puffer More

Tetraodon leiurus is a species of Tetraodon, the largest genus in the pufferfish family, found across Asia from Thailand to Indonesia and in particular the Mekong basin. It is occasionally imported into the aquarium trade but is reported to be aggressive and snappish. More

Tetraodon leiurus (non Bleeker, 1851) Species misapplied name for Tetraodon cambodgiensis Chabanaud, 1923 Show details More

Tetraodon leiurus brevirostris Benl, 1957; (synonym) Tetraodon ocellaris Klausewitz, 1957; (synonym) Tetraodon fluviatilis sabahensis Dekkers, 1975; (synonym) Tetraodon sabahensis Kottelat, Whitten, Kartikasari & Wirjoatmodjo, 1993; (synonym) Monotreta fangi Rainboth, 1996; (misspelling) - More

Tetraodon leiurus is extremely variable in coloration, sometimes approaching but never with overall coloration quite like that of T. barbatus. Tetraodon barbatus, on the other hand, shows remarkably little variation in color. More

Tetraodon leiurus is much the most variable of the three target puffers discussed here. Typically the upper surface is brown or grey, blending smoothly with the off-white underside. The patches across the dorsal surface run onto the underside as well. More

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Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Tetraodontidae
Genus : Tetraodon
Species : Tetraodon cutcutia
Authority : Bleeker, 1851