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form one cluster, its syntenic region in torafugu is duplicated, although each locus contains just a single MYH in torafugu. The results of the syntenic analysis were further confirmed by corresponding analysis of MYHs based on databases from Tetraodon, zebrafish, and medaka genomes. More

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Edit Description SaveCancel torafugu has not added any videos to his channel. More

delicious taste of eel and natural torafugu (a kind of globefish). A panoramic bird's-eye view of Lake Hamana. A panoramic bird's-eye view of Lake Hamana. More

4,800 Torafugu that were non-toxic. They constructed seven caged fish farms suspended at least 30 feet (10 metres) from the sea floor, to help keep them away from their usual food. They fed them instead food such as horse mackerel, krill, etc. More

torafugu Takifugu rubripes contains 20 sarcomeric myosin heavy chain (MYH) genes (MYH genes) (Ikeda et al., 2007). The present study was undertaken to identify MYH genes that would be expressed in adult muscles. More

Therefore, we concluded that torafugu ASIP1 is an ortholog of human ASIP, nevertheless, we are unable to determine if torafugu ASIP2 is a paralog of ASIP1 or not. More

chromatographic profile of torafugu fast muscle myosin digested with α-chymotrypsin. The digests were dissolved in 20 mmol 1−1 sodium pyrophosphate (pH 7. More

production of torafugu (a kind of globefish). These cultivated, round fish compare favorably with fish found in the wild, and you can enjoy a tasty meal at a reasonable price. More

Slow/Cardiac-Type Torafugu Myosin Heavy Chain Gene Shigeharu Kinoshita , Yamamoto Tetsuya , Shota Sakai , Shugo Watabe Department of Aquatic Bioscience, The University of tokyo, Yayoi 1-1-1, Bunkyo, More

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The Torafugu is roughly 1 kilogram.This is the most recommended set. More

Torafugu IGH V-REGION * IGHV1S1 (AF108421) * IGHV1S2 (AF108421) * IGHV1S3 (AF108421) * IGHV1S4 (AF108422) * IGHV1S5 (AF108423) More

DHC Torafugu Collagen Cream - again something very powerful. Torafugu is a kind of pufferfish wich has a lethal poison, but you can tell the same about botoxin. More

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Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Tetraodontidae
Genus : Takifugu
Species : Takifugu rubripes
Authority : Temminck & Schlegel, 1850