Fisher's seahorse

Fisher's seahorse is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family.

The Fisher's seahorse lives in the demersal, non-migratory, marine, depth range 0 - m environment.

Fisher's seahorse (Hippocampus fisheri) is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae family. It is found in possibly Australia, the United States, and possibly New Caledonia. Source - * Project Seahorse 2002. Hippocampus fisheri. More

Fisher's Seahorse is not ordinarily encountered except perhaps when blown ashore by storms. It is a somewhat spiny seahorse that attains no more than about 3 in. and can be golden orange, red, pink or yellowish with blackish mottling. More

Common names

common seahorse in English
Fisher's seahorse in English
Hippocampus fisheri in Catalan (CatalĂ )
spotted seahorse in English

Order : Syngnathiformes
Family : Syngnathidae
Genus : Hippocampus
Species : Hippocampus fisheri
Authority : Jordan & Evermann 1903