Tire track eel

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The Tire track eel lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

One look at the Tire Track Eel and it’s easy to see how they received their common name! One of the best known spiny eels is the Tire Track Eel. More

The Tire Track Eel is also marked along the entire length of its body but the pattern is more extreme, reaching from the top of its back down through its belly. More

The Tire Track Eel will dig in the substrate and bury itself; this may uproot plants and rearrange decorations. Two teaspoons of salt may be added per 2.5 gallons of water. This fish should be kept with other large fish that the eel will not consider as food. More

Will a tire track eel fit in a 36 gallon bowfront tank? and will plecos and otos bother it? * 2 years ago Report Abuse ~Senor Suave~ by ~Senor Suave~ Member since: More

I have had my tire track eel for about 5 years now and is my favorite fish in the tank. He is full of personality! He watches for me; hiding behind some driftwood with only his head sticking out. More

Tire track eel (Mastacembelus armatus) is a species of ray-finned, spiny eels belonging to the genus Mastacembelus (Scopoli, 1777) of the family Mastacembelidae, and is native to the riverine fauna of India, Pakistan, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam, Indonesia and other parts of More

Tire track eel ( common name ) let's test your knowledge! Mastacembelus armatus ( fish name )slovensky , français Share pictures of your fish! Upload them now! * Maximum size in aquariums (min-max): 80 - 90 cm ( More

I've had a tire track eel for four years now. He will not get along with anything, so I keep him alone in his own tank. He loves brine schrimp. He seems to always want to be where I'm at. More

The spiny eel, also called the tire track Eel or the zigzag eel, is similar to the peacock (pictured on the right) and gets along well with their own species or the peacock eel. More

Tire track eels do well in freshwater or slightly brackish aquatic environments (produced by adding two teaspoons of sea salt (not iodated) per 2 1/2 gallons of water) with 6 to 25 dH water hardness, with pH readings ranging from 6 to 8, and temperatures that are More

Tire track eel what to do? #1 User is offline boom-sage * * Fish Crazy * PipPipPip * Group: Member More

Unfortunately, the breeding habits of the Tire Track Eel have not been documented. A carnivore, the Tire Track Eel should be fed live foods such as earthworms and black worms, as well as frozen bloodworms. More

The Tire Track Eel, also known as the Spiny Eel, is a nocturnal predator and a member of the Mastacembelidae family. Members of this family, also referred to as the Spiny Eel family, are not true eels. More

Tire Track Eel 14 Day Guarantee Live Shipping Information Tire Track Eel = Scientific Name: Mastacembelus armatus Recommended Aquarium: 50+ Gallons Approx. More

The Tire Track Eel was described by Guenther in 1861 as Mastacembelus armatus . Found in Southeast Asia and China, the Tire Track can reach a tota... SHOP. More

The Tire Track Eel has an elongated body and a pointed snout. Its body is mainly tan to brown and is covered with dark brown interconnected winding lines. More

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Common names

Dækmønstret snabelål in Danish (dansk)
Pa lat in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Pa lat in Laotian
Tire track eel in English
Trey kchoeung in Khmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ)
網紋刺鰍 in Mandarin Chinese
网纹刺鳅 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Synbranchiformes
Family : Mastacembelidae
Genus : Mastacembelus
Species : Mastacembelus favus
Authority : Hora, 1924