Melamphaes microps is a fish of the genus Melamphaes, found in the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, southern Indian Ocean, and the south west Pacific including New Zealand, at depths of from 1,000 to 3,000 m.

Ridgeheads are the largest and most diverse family of their order. More

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Ridgeheads are meso- to bathypelagicPelagic zoneAny water in the sea that is not close to the bottom is in the pelagic zone. The word pelagic comes from the Greek πέλαγος or pélagos, which means open sea.... More

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A Crested Bigscale fish, also called a Ridgehead, is a small deep-sea dwelling fish that has no commercial value. More

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Order : Stephanoberyciformes
Family : Melamphaidae
Genus : Melamphaes
Species : Melamphaes microps
Authority : G