Australian angelshark

Reproduction is ovoviviparous, with up to 20 pups in a litter.

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The Australian angelshark lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 15 - 256 m environment.

Australian angelshark at the Bicheno Dive Centre, Tasmania Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 3. More

The Australian Angelshark is a bottom-dwelling species that can be recognised by its depressed body and large pectoral fins that are not fully joined to the head. It is often very well camouflaged. More

Movie: Australian Angelshark, Squatina australis - Add comment Add tags Description An Australian Angel Shark at a depth of 15 m, 150 m south-east of Flagstaff point in North Harbour Aquatic Reserve, Port Jackson (Sydney More

Australian Angelshark Squatina australis Before actively feeding at night, the species remains half-buried and immobile during the daylight hours. If disturbed, the angelshark can inflict severe pain on its prey. More

* Australian angelshark, Squatina australis Regan, 1906 * Pacific angelshark, Squatina californica Ayres, 1859 * Sand devil, Squatina dumeril Lesueur, 1818 * Taiwan angelshark, Squatina formosa Shen & Ting, 1972 More

Australian angelshark - Squatina australis Aquatic species ratingratingrating Taiwan angleshark - Squatina formosa Aquatic species ratingratingrating Clouded angelshark - Squatina nebulosa Aquatic species ratingratingrating More

Australian Angelshark - Squatina australis Australian Angelshark - Squatina australis Web 640x438 (96kb) More

The Australian angelshark, Squatina australis, is an angel shark of the family Squatinidae found in the subtropical waters of southern Australia from Western Australia to New South Wales between latitudes 18th parallel south and 41st More

An Australian Angelshark at a depth of 10m, Mystery Bay,... Click to show "Angelshark" result 7 300 x 187 26 kb Tenerife Dive, Parque Don Jose Local No 4, 38630 Costa... More

Common names

Ange de mer australien in French (français)
Angel shark in English
Angelote australiano in Spanish (español)
Angelshark in English
Australian angel shark in English
Australian angelfish in English
Australian angelshark in English
Australische zee-engel in Dutch (Nederlands)
Australische zee-engel in Unknown
Australsk havengel in Danish (dansk)
monkfish in English
Polorejnok australský in Czech (česky)
Squatina australis in French (français)
澳洲扁鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
澳洲扁鯊 in Unknown
澳洲扁鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
澳洲扁鲨 in Unknown

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Order : Squatiniformes
Family : Squatinidae
Genus : Squatina
Species : Squatina australis
Authority : Regan, 1906