Lantern sharks

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lantern sharks, so named for their ability to glow in the dark, has found they are in danger of extinction. Recent studies have linked declines in shark populations to the collapse of entire marine ecosystems. More

Etmopterus, commonly known as lantern sharks, is a genus of squaliform sharks in the family Etmopteridae. More

Like other lantern sharks, the velvet belly is bioluminescent, with light-emitting photophores forming a species-specific pattern over its flanks and abdomen. These photophores are thought to function in counter-illumination, which camouflages the shark against predators. They may also play a role in social interactions. More

" Black lantern sharks have light-making organs on their tummies, swell sharks puff up to protect themselves from predators and the small cookie-cutter shark sports a whimsical name and shape. More

devastate other ocean life globally, as many lantern sharks have wide ranges. Researchers focused on one species in particular, the smooth lantern shark, commonly caught as by-catch in Portuguese trawling and longline fisheries. More

Today: Pygmy sharks and dwarf lantern sharks, both members of the dogfish family of sharks, only grow to be about 10 inches long All time: Some fossil shark's teeth are so small that they can only be seen More

Hormones give lantern sharks the glow Study is first to find chemicals, rather than nerve cells, controlling bioluminescence By Rachel Ehrenberg December 5th, 2009; Vol.176 #12 (p. More

Lantern sharks are a group of deep-water dogfishes usually only seen as trawler by-catch, but one was recently caught on rod and line. Lantern sharks (family Etmopteridae) are small, midwater oceanic sharks with over 40 species worldwide, including the smallest shark species known. More

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Order : Squaliformes
Family : Etmopteridae
Genus : Etmopterus
Species : Etmopterus brachyurus
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