that the goonch has long scavenged the half-burned human corpses from these funeral pyres. This diet may have helped the goonch β€” or at least a few members of the species β€” grow to unusually huge proportions. More

A man-sized killer catfish, called the goonch, takes River Monsters host Jeremy Wade for a swim. Jeremy seems willing to risk his life to land it. More

television documentary, the goonch is considered an endangered species.” β€œIn the past, locals speared them unmercifully in shallow waters and today electricity and dynamite are often utilized. Most anglers destroy the specimens they catch without even eating them. More

Biologist Jeremy Wade with Goonch on British Channel 5. Photo.Biologist Jeremy Wade with Goonch on British Channel 5. Photo. Its primary diet is freshwater prawns, and it has a massive jaw rimmed with pointed teeth. More

The Kali River goonch attacks were a series of fatal attacks on humans believed to be perpetrated by man-eating goonch catfish in three villages on the banks of the Kali River in India, between 1998 and 2007. More

Click here to see a picture of a goonch and to read more at the Sun. More

Goonch have been making the headlines lately; well one specimen anyway. The media have latched onto one angler's successful trip to the Kali River to catch a monster fish that was being blamed for the death of a local teenager. More

Goonch has no published albums yet. More

Angler Jeremy Wade with a whopper goonch he caught in the Kali River The monster fish is called a goonch and can grow to six foot, regularly weighing more than 11 stone. More

the largest the goonch, a large catfish that roams the great kali, may have done just that. More

Dutch lads quietly talking about the Goonch but they were not broadcasting it. Will and I had tied our boat to a tree and just cast out one rod each because of the fast flowing currant, now was a good time to probe for information. More

goonch have been snagged here. 2. Amgari Rou: About a kilometer downstream stands the Amgari (mango) Rou just below the Jamaria village. More

The goonch is a huge type of catfish that live in Indian rivers and may have developed a taste for flesh. More

Meet the Goonch, some specimens tip the scales at upto 200kilos. Catching one is reasonably tough, landing them is another story. ....................................................................................................................................................... More

So get a load of this: goonch catfish in the Kali River, which separates India and Nepal, are rumored to have developed a taste for human flesh and some locals think that they are now targeting human swimmers as prey! Whoa! Bagarius yarrelli, or the goonch More

But the first victim of a goonch attack was thought to have been a 17-year-old Nepalese boy. He was killed in April 1988 as he cooled himself in the river. Witnesses said he was suddenly pulled below the surface. More

Maheeer and giant Goonch fishing on India's River Saryu - India = India - T he River Saryu (Himalayas India) Following the theme of fishing some of the most virgin areas in the More

A goonch, a huge type of catfish, developed a taste for flesh in an Indian river where bodies are dumped after funerals. However, they now fear it has moved on from scavenging to snatching unwary bathers. More

That poor woman had such bad goonch that it could be heard over the noise of the clapping crowd at the concert last night.vagina gooch pussy tight loose by David The Twin Jul 4, 2006 share this 3. More

Highlights: Goonch fishing with live & dead bait, average size of 20 lbs and larger specimens well over 100 lbs, riverside temples, stay in ashrams and camps on the river Introduction: Goonch, a giant catfish that grows well over 100 pounds, is the biggest fish on the Ramganga. More

Goonch Catfish 2:00 31 River Monsters - Swimming With Piranhas River Monsters - Swimming With Piranhas 0:28 32 River Monsters - Photographic Proof of a Maneater? River Monsters - Photographic Proof of a Maneater? 1:24 33 Built to Kill Built to Kill 1:36 34 River Monsters - Landing More

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Order : Siluriformes
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Species : Bagarius bagarius
Authority : Hamilton, 1822