Garua Bachcha

The Garua Bachcha lives in the demersal, potamodromous, freshwater, brackish environment.

Clupisoma garua, better known as Garua Bachcha, are found in large rivers from their tidal mouths right up to the Himalayan foothills. They can reach a respectable 0.60 m by feeding on insects, shrimps, crustaceans and even other smaller fish. More

Species Summary: Clupisoma garua Garua Bachcha, You can sponsor this page, ... List of Species Treated in Reference and Used in FishBase: 687). Clupisoma bastari Datta & Karmakar, 1980, Clupisoma bastari (p. 596). Clupisoma garua (Hamilton, 1822), Clupisoma garua. Clupisoma ... More

Common names

Chel-lee in Urdu (‫اردو)
Dhon-gu-nu in Urdu (‫اردو)
Garua Bachcha in English
Ghaura in Bengali (বাংলা)
Guarchcha in English
Jalkapur in Nepali (नेपाली)
Ka-raad in Urdu (‫اردو)
Muribacha in Bengali (বাংলা)
Neria in Assamese (অসমীয়া)
River catfish in English
Sillimonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
ঘাওড়া in Bengali (বাংলা)
鯡鯰 in Mandarin Chinese
鲱鲶 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Schilbeidae
Genus : Clupisoma
Species : Clupisoma garua
Authority : Hamilton, 1822