Capaz Language offers a variety of solutions to your language needs, from interpretation to translation to cross-cultural consulting. "Capaz" is the Spanish and Portuguese cognate (identical word but pronounced differently) for "capable. More

Capaz de Todo (English: Capable of Everything) is the debut album of the Spanish boy band - D'NASH, previously known as NASH. The original album was released on March 27, 2006 in Spain. After that, the album had been re-released twice. More

CAPAZ means "CAPABLE" in both Spanish and Portuguese Subscribe to the Capaz Chronicle - Subscription submission form Email Subscribe To svCapaz. More

CAPAZ heeft in samenwerking met Eva Blaak Debokofhetloket de nieuwe naam een herkenbaar gezicht gegeven in een nieuwe huisstijl, burobrochure en website. Atelier Lisa Elbers = Huisstijl voor schilderijenrestauratie atelier Lisa Elbers. More

Casa Capaz Care Holidays offers all-inclusive holidays in Spain with 24-hour supported care for people with learning disabilities. Our unique escorted travel service, which is available for individuals or small groups, will ensure that your journey is as carefree as possible. More

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Tequila Capaz Blanco is 100% Agave, produced from hand selected Blue Weber Agave and double distilled. Capaz Tequila is one of several Tequilas available from Compañia Destiladora de Xamay, a state-of-the-art facility located in Jamay, Jalisco, Mexico. Photo by Tequila. More

♦ Locuciones: LAm es capaz que llueva, it is likely to rain Forum discussions with the word(s) "capaz" in the title: able to be happy - capaz de intentar ser feliz - grammar Al alcanzar la mayoría de edad, se es capaz para - grammar arco More

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