Chiloglanis lukugae

The Chiloglanis lukugae lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Chiloglanis lukugae is a species of catfish of the family Mochokidae. This Mochokidae article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v • d • e Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia. More

Chiloglanis lukugae; Chiloglanis lamottei; Chiloglanis benuensis; Chiloglanis voltae; Chiloglanis neumanni; Chiloglanis somereni; Chiloglanis occidentalis; Hemichromis fasciatus; Hemigymnus fasciatus; Mustelus fasciatus; Leiognathus fasciatus; Melampus fasciatus; Oncopeltus fasciatus; Hemidactylus fasciatus; Zebrias fasciatus; Pseudanthias fasciatus; Neolamprologus fasciatus; Coelorinchus More

Common names

Kuya liwe in Chokwe
Kuya liwe in Unknown
卢库盘唇鲿 in Mandarin Chinese
卢库盘唇鲿 in Unknown
盧庫盤唇鱨 in Mandarin Chinese
盧庫盤唇鱨 in Unknown

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Order : Siluriformes
Family : Mochokidae
Genus : Chiloglanis
Species : Chiloglanis lukugae
Authority : Poll, 1944