Electric catfish

Malapterurus shirensis is a species of catfish of the family Malapteruridae.

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The Electric catfish lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

An electric catfish is the common name for the catfish {order Siluriformes} family Malapteruridae and Paradoxoglanis. More

The Electric Catfish – A Unique Species for the Serious Catfish Fancier - Hello, Frank Indiviglio here. It takes some doing to stand out among the catfishes, a group that contains some of the most bizarre creatures on earth. More

Electric catfish is the common name for the catfish (order Siluriformes) family Malapteruridae. This family includes two genera, Malapterurus and Paradoxoglanis with 19 species. More

The Malapteruridae or Electric Catfish Family consists of one genus and three species distributed throughout Central Africa. These fish posses the ability todischarge up to 350 volts in order to catch prey and defend themselves. More

placing the electric catfish into water with other fish in an aquarium. Several shocks of less voltage may follow. A positive pole of muscle layer may be found near the head, where the negative pole resides in the tail. Anemaw © Elizabeth Gerrow 2002 . More

Description: Electric catfish are relatively fat looking, and round in cross-section, like an over-stuffed sausage. They have three pairs of barbels and dark vertical markings on the caudal fin. They have no dorsal fins other than an adipose fin located close to the tail. More

Electric catfish do not have dorsal fins or fin spines. They have three pairs of barbels (the nasal pair is absent). The swim bladder with elongate posterior chambers, two chambers in Malapterrus and three in Paradoxoglanis. More

An electric catfish gives you a little tingle when you touch him. LA Really cute under two inches. LA Pic Other species exist, but we always get the same species of electric catfish. More

The Electric Catfish is an oddball fish best suited to a large display tank. It has a cylindrical, gray-brown to pinkish body, with a few dark spots and blotches. The lips of the fish are thick, fleshy and are surrounded by six barbels. More

The electric catfish does not have any special water requirements other than having it clean. Choose a filter appropriate to the size of your tank and clean the filter media on a regular basis. More

electric catfish is devoid of scales and has a soft body and underbelly that can easily be cut or damaged. 4. Step 4 Keep the water clean. More

Electric Catfish or Malapterurus electricus is found in Western and central tropical Africa and the Nile River. They live in rocks or roots in dark freshwater lakes and rivers. More

Electric catfish have very small eyes and have poor eyesight. They hunt and locate food using their electric fields to sense their surroundings. In nature they are generally found in waters of low visibility. More

ELECTRIC CATFISH has 160 friends. More

atrophied eyes, and the electric catfish of the Nile River and tropical central Africa is capable of giving an electric shock (see Electric Fish). Another odd catfish, the so-called walking catfish, originally occurred in eastern India and Southeast Asia. More

The electric catfish is nocturnal, and will spend most of its time during the day hiding among rocks and decorations in its aquarium. More

Egypt used shocks from the Electric Catfish to reduce the pain of arthritis. This trait is still used today in some areas. It also has the earliest reference of them as hieroglyphics on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs dating back some 5000 years. More

Electric catfish (family Malapteruridae) is the common name of several species of freshwater catfish with the ability to produce an electric shock of up to 350 volts using electroplaques of an electric organ. More

contact the electric catfish for any of the following: solo live performance (flexible sets for any situation) artist development / consultation custom auxilary performance / visuals for your art live sound reinforcement email = catfish@theelectriccatfish. More

Diet in the wild: the electric catfish is carnivorous and will eat almost anything meaty and up to half its size Diet in the zoo: the catfish gets a special mix of vitamins called Grind, and also is fed shrimp and canned spinach More

Common names

electric catfish in English
Zambezi electric catfish in English

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Malapteruridae
Genus : Malapterurus
Species : Malapterurus shirensis
Authority : Roberts, 2000