Pseudohemiodon apithanos

The Pseudohemiodon apithanos lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Pseudohemiodon apithanos(5) Note variance in colouration - Click to enlarge - Note variance in colouration Pseudohemiodon apithanos(6) - Click to enlarge - Pseudohemiodon apithanos(7) Close-up of head - Click to enlarge More

Pseudohemiodon apithanos is a species of catfish of the family Loricariidae. This Loricariidae article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v • d • e Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia. More

Pseudohemiodon apithanos and Pseudohemiodon cf_apithanos You may want to have a look at the other species in the genus too (I didn't look further): Pseudohemiodon - MatsMy aquarium photos Go Brad More

Common names

Caracha in Spanish (español)
Korulattamonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
危瓜多尔拟半齿甲鲶 in Mandarin Chinese
危瓜多尔拟半齿甲鲶 in Unknown
危瓜多爾擬半齒甲鯰 in Mandarin Chinese
危瓜多爾擬半齒甲鯰 in Unknown

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Loricariidae
Genus : Pseudohemiodon
Species : Pseudohemiodon apithanos
Authority : Isbr