Saddled madtom

The Saddled madtom lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Identification: The Saddled Madtom has a long, slender body that is dark brown above and has 3 or 4 prominent ivory to yellow saddles alternating with dark saddles. A brown blotch on the base of the dorsal fin extends up the front edge of the fin. More

This recently described (2005) saddled madtom remains on our "wish list". Despite extensive recent surveys, only three specimens have been collected over the past 10 years. Two, collected in 2004, lived in our facility for over two years. More

(endangered), saddled madtom (vulnerable), yellowfin madtom (endangered), pygmy madtom (endangered), spring cavefish (vulnerable), Alabama cavefish (endangered), southern cavefish (vulnerable), Barrens topminnow (endangered), Clinch River sculpin (vulnerable), Holston River sculpin (vulnerable), western sand darter (vulnerable), sharphead darter (vulnerable), coppercheek darter (vulnerable), More

Common names

Saddled madtom in English

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ictaluridae
Genus : Noturus
Species : Noturus fasciatus
Authority : Burr, Eisenhour & Grady, 2005