Mountain madtom

The Mountain madtom lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

DISTRIBUTION: Mountain madtoms occur in rivers from Arkansas to western Pennsylvania (Rohde, 1978a; Page and Burr, 1991). Grady and LeGrande (1992) include northern Alabama as part of the species' range. More

The mountain madtom is one of six species of madtoms found in Ohio. This species is the most abundant of the three endangered species found in Ohio. More

The mountain madtom and other animals in this particular habitat are excellent barometers of the health of this stream system. More

Identification: The Mountain Madtom has a stout body with a deep caudal peduncle. The body is brown or gray with dark mottling above and light below with no dark specks on the belly. More

the mountain madtom, but prefers a bottom of shifting sand and mud in moderate current. Swifter portions are usually avoided, as are very silted areas. REASONS FOR BEING ENDANGERED: The situation with this species parallels that of the mountain madtom. More

The mountain madtom has only been collected at four locations in Missouri, including 18 specimens collected from the Black River and St. Francis rivers. More

Common names

Bjerg-giftmalle in Danish (dansk)
mountain madtom in English
山石鮰 in Chinese (中文)
山石鮰 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ictaluridae
Genus : Noturus
Species : Noturus eleutherus
Authority : Jordan, 1877