Airsac catfish

Heteropneustes is a genus of catfishes of the family Clariidae.

Airsac Catfish - Heteropneustes fossilis Description: Elongate and compressed body. Head strongly depressed, with four pairs of barbels. A long air sac that extends backwards from the gill chamber functions as a lung. More

The airsac catfish has a short fin on its back, a long fin on the rear underside of the body, and a rounded tail fin. More

Heteropneustidae, or the Airsac Catfish, is a very small family of catfish belonging to the order Siluriformes. There are a mere 4 known species in this family and their pectoral fin is associated with a poison gland dangerous to humans. More

* airsac catfish pronunciation airsac catfish * Record pronunciation for aji aji Pending pronunciation * akule pronunciation akule * ål pronunciation ål * Alaska blackfish pronunciation More

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Heteropneustidae
Genus : Heteropneustes
Species : Heteropneustes microps
Authority : G