Erethistes maesotensis

Erethistes maesotensis is a species of catfish of the family Erethistidae.

The Erethistes maesotensis lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

•Valid as Erethistes maesotensis Kottelat 1983 - (Burgess 1989:132 , Talwar & Jhingran 1991:627 , Jayaram 2006:281 , Thomson & Page 2006:17 , Ferraris 2007:384 ). •Synonym of Hara filamentosa Blyth 1860 - (Ng & Kottelat 2007:472 ). More

these were Erethistes maesotensis and therefore Hara maesotensis and again as later Hara filamentosa. More

Erethistes maesotensis has these outwardly pointing denticles. It's quite rare in the trade, but makes an interesting addition to an Asian stream community tank if you can get hold of some. This profile is not yet complete. More

Common names

Kääpiötorpedomonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
馬蘇骨鮡 in Mandarin Chinese
马苏骨鮡 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Erethistidae
Genus : Erethistes
Species : Erethistes maesotensis
Authority : Kottelat, 1983