Dirty thicklip thornycat

The Dirty thicklip thornycat lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

This photograph of the dirty thicklip thornycat comes from the magazine Practical Fishkeeping: the dirty thicklipped thornycat All this I found out within 5 minutes of searching the FishBase. It’s a system with over thirty thousand species so far. Check it out. More

Actually, dirty thicklip thornycat is the common name of Rhinodoras armbrusteri, a small catfish that lives in a couple of rivers in Guyana. The species was first described just six months ago. More

Given the common name of Dirty Thicklip Thornycat, this species was found hiding in cavities in lateritic boulders submerged in less than three metres of water during the day. Rhinodoras gallagheri Rhinodoras gallagheri by Mark Sabaj. More

Common names

Dirty thicklip thornycat in English

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Doradidae
Genus : Rhinodoras
Species : Rhinodoras armbrusteri
Authority : Sabaj, 2008