Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi

The Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi, type species of the new genus (photo from publication) new combinations: Pseudobunocephalus iheringii (Boulenger, 1891) Pseudobunocephalus rugosus (Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903) remarks: López et al. (2003) included these species in the genus Bunocephalus. More

Publishing the description of Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi in the latest issue of the journal Neotropical Ichthyology, John Friel distinguishes the new genus from other banjo catfishes by its small size (less than 80 mm standard length) and osteological characters in the skull, gill arches and fin More

Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi (I note that the new genus Pseudobunocephalus is in the Cat-eLog, but not yet populated by the looks of things). More

banjo catfish, named Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi, has been described from the Orinoco River drainage in Colombia and Venezuela. More

Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi Friel, 2008 species Pseudohemiodon amazonum (Delsman, 1941) species Pseudohemiodon apithanos Isbrücker & Nijssen, 1978 Pseudohemiodon apithanos species Pseudohemiodon devincenzii (Señorans, 1950) species Pseudohemiodon lamina (Günther, 1868) species Pseudohemiodon laticeps (Regan, 1904) species Pseudohemiodon platycephalus More

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Aspredinidae
Genus : Pseudobunocephalus
Species : Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi
Authority : Friel, 2008