African sea catfish

The Madagascar sea catfish is a species of fish in the Ariidae family.

1876 African Sea Catfish - Arius africanus G√ľnther, 1867 African senna - Senna didymobotrya (Fresen. More

catfish, or African sea catfish or North African catfish. The invention provides a processing method to produce finished gelatin products in a short period of time without suffering a loss in yield. More

African sea catfish African sea catfish (Arius africanus) sand catfish sand catfish (Arius arenarius) longsnouted catfish longsnouted catfish (Arius argyropleuron) threadfin sea catfish threadfin sea catfish (Arius arius) threadfin catfish threadfin catfish (Arius armiger) More

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Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ariidae
Genus : Arius
Species : Arius madagascariensis
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