Amblyceps apangi

Amblyceps apangi has a truncate caudal fin which makes it easy to distinguish from the other species in the area. We were shown also Badis cf. kanabos and the sympatric bigger species Badis blosyrus side by side, both were caught here. More

Reserve where we got those large Amblyceps apangi, we got a couple of these as well. Infact around Jan to March all juveline A. elongatus are collected from that area. So was it finally identified as S. More

Amblyceps apangi(2) Habitat - Click to enlarge - Habitat Scroll down to next sectionCat-eLog Data Sheet Scientific Name Amblyceps apangi Nath & Dey, 1989 - add this species to your "My More

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Amblycipitidae
Genus : Amblyceps
Species : Amblyceps apangi
Authority : Nath and Dey, 1989