Akysis clinatus

The Akysis clinatus lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Akysis clinatus Ng & Rainboth, 2005 species Akysis ephippifer Ng & Kottelat, 1998 species Akysis fontaneus Ng, 2009 species Akysis fuliginatus Ng & Rainboth, 2005 species Akysis fuscus Ng & Kottelat, 1996 species Akysis galeatus Page, Rachmatika & Robins, 2007 species Akysis hardmani Ng & Sabaj, More

Habitat: Akysis clinatus is found in the leaf litter of swift-flowing, sandy-bottomed streams. More

found in the Mekong River drainage, while Akysis clinatus was found in southwest Cambodia. Ng and Rainboth believe that clinatus and fuliginatus are members of the variegatus species group, while filifer and nitidus are members of the pseudobagarius species group. More

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Akysidae
Genus : Akysis
Species : Akysis clinatus
Authority : Ng & Rainboth, 2005