Adriatic salmon

This species spawns in the early spring and is an obligatory freshwater fish.

The Adriatic salmon lives in the benthopelagic, non-migratory, freshwater environment.

The Adriatic salmon is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Adriatic trout or Adriatic salmon (Salmo obtusirostris) is a species of salmonid fish endemic to the rivers of Western Balkans in South-East Europe. The species was first described by Johann Jakob Heckel in 1851. Other common names are softmouth trout and soft muzzled trout. More

of the rather anaemic Adriatic Salmon is the Huchen and between the two marvelously, the Taimen. More

Solin Adriatic salmon (Salmothymus obtusirostris ssp. salonitana) ... 9 Ecoregion Conservation Plan for the Alps Published by: WWF European Alpine Programme, March 2005 ... partridge (Alectoris graeca) migrate over. more or less long distances or descend to ... More

Common names

Adria-Forelle in German (Deutsch)
Adriantaimen in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Adriatic salmon in English
Adriatic trout in English
Adriatisk ørred in Danish (dansk)
Dalmát pisztráng in Hungarian (Magyar)
Jadranska pastrva in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Mekousna in Serbian (српски језик)
‎Salmothymus obtusirostris in Portuguese (Português)
Troftë e cemit in Albanian (Shqip)
Truite à lèvres molles in French (français)
Гарска пастрмка in Macedonian (македонски јазик)
鈍吻鮭 in Mandarin Chinese
钝吻鲑 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Salmo
Species : Salmo obtusirostris
Authority : Heckel, 1851