Great lake trout

English: Great Lake trout, lake charr, Mackinaw trout, salmon trout; French: Omble d'Amérique; German: Amerikanische Seeforelle; Spanish: Trucha lacustre; Inuktitut: Isuuq. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Average length 59 in (150 cm); average weight 72 lb (32.7 kg). More

The first Great Lake trout caught using a rod and reel was landed in 1895 by Mr. Aubrey Weedon, some 25 years after the fry were liberated into the lake. Shortly after, Mr. Matthew Seal caught one with a ‘Brown Devon’ spinner. In 1897, Mr. More

of all the great lake trout waters in a province with over ¼ million lakes, can you believe that one so close to this country's largest urban area, produces trout that are safer to eat than many of the 'pristine' lakes further north? In fact, the Guide to Eating More

To some naturalists a ferox or great lake trout is simply a large brown trout that feeds primarily on fish. To others it is a species of trout in its own right, the Salmo ferox. More

the great lake trout fishing that had our attention. Caribou would come at another time. Seeling and I watched cruising lakers on the bottom at 20-feet. The water is pristine and tastes sweet. The fish taste even better. More

Great lake trout fly in fishing experience in early June 2004. trip was on a small secluded Lake Trout Lake on The Lady Evelyn - Smoothwater Wilderness Area. Fly out of Gowganda, Ontario with Long Point Airwaysfor some great remote fly-in fishing. More

Ross' Camp offers great lake trout fishing at both the main camp on Clearwater Lake and at our fly-in outpost on Loonhaunt Lake. They average 6 - 10 lbs. More

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Salvelinus
Species : Salmo ferox
Authority : Walbaum, 1792