Redband trout

The rainbow trout is a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America as well as much of the central, western, eastern, and especially the northern portions of the United States.

Redband trout is a fish name that may be a synonym for the rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, but is also used more narrowly for inland subspecies with well-defined geographical distributions in the United States. More

General DescriptionInterior redband trout are a native trout of western North America. There is considerable variation in the life history in this group of trout. Resident stream populations are found throughout the Columbia River basin. More

DISTRIBUTION OF STEELHEAD / REDBAND TROUT IN RESPONSE TO BIOTIC INTERACTIONS (Pattern detection, experimentation and epistemology) - Seth monitoring underwater fish interactions I examined the relative roles of biotic and abiotic factors More

REDBAND TROUT MIGRATION - Radio tracking Red Band Trout on Blitzen River Salmonids in arid high-elevation streams find themselves at the fringe of their tolerance range. More

Redband trout conservation genetics In northern California, several watersheds contain populations of reputed redband trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss subspp.), including drainages of the Pit River, Goose Lake, Warner Valley, and McCloud River. More

redband trout in the upper Klamath River. The confluence of Spencer Creek and the Klamath River is 1.5 km upstream of J.C. Boyle dam, which was built in 1959. More

modified the environment of native redband trout in the Upper Klamath River. These modifications include fragmentation of habitats, obstruction of upstream and downstream passage, alteration of stream flows and water quality, and increased competition from introduced species associated with habitat changes. More

have everyone remember, 'That guy caught the last redband trout in the Spokane River.'" McLellan and O'Connor will wrap up the redband surveys this week. One promising piece of data: McLellan is netting more yearling trout. More

The McCloud River Redband trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss stonei), have been reported from creeks tributary to the McCloud River such as Sheepheaven, Tate, Edson, and Moosehead creeks and from the McCloud River above Middle Falls. More

Orvis, through donations to redband trout restoration activities, has motivations of private fishing ranches and limited access. This is truly a ridiculous and unfounded claim. More

These natural features have isolated populations of redband trout in less than 60 miles of the Upper McCloud River system from the Sacramento River for millenia. More

The Spokane River’s wild redband trout are indicators of ecosystem health and important to our river. They deserve our attention and protection. More

on the status of redband trout populations across the range of the species. We anticipate presentations on population status and trends, ecology, historical vs. current distributions, genetics, limiting factors, and efforts to conserve the species. More

The McCloud redband trout, which calls south Siskiyou County its only home in the world, is a small fish that inhabits an equally small patch of territory. More

Redband trout are a form of rainbow trout that have been isolated from the coastal rainbow trout over many centuries. More

What’s happening with the native Redband Trout of the Crooked River? Since 1994, populations of redband trout on the Crooked River below Bowman Dam have dropped from an estimated 8,000 fish per mile to approximately 900 fish per mile. More

The native redband trout in the upper McCloud River drainage are thought to be a relict subspecies of non-anadromous rainbow trout adapted to harsh, fragmented environments. More

redband trout in Oregon was deemed unwarranted at this time. On April 4, 1994 the Biodiversity Legal Fund of Colorado and Mr. More

Redband Trout are a subspecies of Rainbow Trout and Steelhead, and are adapted to the arid conditions east of the Cascades. Historically, they were found throughout Central Oregon in waters connected to the Deschutes River. More

The Redband trout Oncorhynchus mykiss is a widely distributed western North America native salmonid. More

Redband TroutRedband trout are described as inland populations of Oncorhynchus mykiss, with few morphological and meristic characters distinguishing them from coastal rainbow trout (Behnke 1992). More

The Redband Trout was different. The Redband is almost mythical in it’s lore. Readily available in Oregon, the Redband Trout in California are restricted to secret, hard to get to headwater streams. Many of them not open to fishing. More

Klamath Redband Trout and flyrod - ODFWThe Upper Klamath is famous for its trophy size redband trout, which often weigh in at 20 lbs. or more. More

Columbia Basin redband trout got the name redband from the red colored stripe that they have along their lateral line. More

Redband trout from the McCloud River in California Under the shadow of 14,000-foot Mt. Shasta in Northern California lies the greatest natural diversity of native trout of any large river system in North America. More

Jason McLellan measures the length of a redband trout on the Spokane River near Liberty Lake on Oct. 14. (RAJAH BOSE The Spokesman-Review) The fish thrashed in Jason McLellan's grip, its olive-green body a blur. Distinctive scarlet bands – visible in flashes – ran down its sides. More

Redband Trout Location MapRedband Trout Redband Trout - Redband trout are subspecies of the rainbow trout, and exist in two well-defined geographic regions. More

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Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Oncorhynchus
Species : Oncorhynchus mykiss
Authority : Walbaum, 1792