Colorado River cutthroat trout

The Colorado River cutthroat trout lives in the demersal, potamodromous, freshwater environment.

Presently, all populations of Colorado River cutthroat trout are found in habitats over 7,000 feet elevation, and in Wyoming above 8,000 feet. Historically, the Colorado River cutthroat's range included portions of large rivers, such as the Green, Yampa, White, Colorado, and San Juan. More

Colorado River cutthroat trout in drainages west of the continental divide, Greenback cutthroat trout in the South Platte and Arkansas River drainages, and the Rio Grande cutthroat trout in streams that drain into the San Luis Valley. More

Colorado River cutthroat trout in this small stream," Birchell explained. "This species is the only trout native to the Uinta Mountains. We also found an over-abundant population of brook trout, which is native to the northeastern United States. More

Colorado River Cutthroat Trout To Be Considered for Protection - Judge tosses Bush administration decision denying trout protection as threatened or endangered species September 7, 2006 Denver, CO - In response to a lawsuit brought by the Center for More

numbers of Colorado River cutthroat trout for conservation and sport fish stocking purposes. Adult fish will be trapped during the spring spawning season in Duck Fork Creek, the reservoir's major tributary. More

The Colorado River Cutthroat trout remains in only about 10% of it's historical range. It is not on either the "Endangered Species List" or the Threatened Species List. More

Colorado River cutthroat trout's range was primarily caused by the stocking and spread of non-native trout, and habitat loss due to livestock grazing, water diversion, logging, roads, mining and other factors, which degrade stream conditions required by these trout. More

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Oncorhynchus
Species : Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticus
Authority : Cope,1872