European whitefish

European whitefish samples were collected in September 2005 in two Norwegian locations, the Pasvik river catchment (69°7'5.19''N, 28°59'59.59''E) and lake Stuorajávri (69°39'2.98''N, 25° 4'7.62''E) and in December 2005 in two Swiss lakes, Zurich (47°15'48.81''N, 8°37'17.98''E) and Lucerne (46°58'54.92''N, 8°28'52.20''E). More

European whitefish have shown potential for food fish production in Finland. As a white-fleshed highly valued cold-water species, whitefish could diversity local rainbow trout production, which is vulnerable to fluctuating in world salmon markets. More

European whitefish in Lake Pulmankijärvi, northern Finland (with 3 figures and 2 tables) 359-366 KARJALAINEN, J., HELMINEN, H., HUUSKO, A., HUUSKONEN, H., MARJOMÄKI, T.J., PÄÄKKÖNEN, J.-P., SARVALA, J. & VILJANEN, M. More

coregonus - name for European whitefish; angle-eye clupeaformis - herring-shaped Other names whitefish, eastern whitefish, Great Lakes whitefish, common whitefish, inland whitefish, Sault whitefish, gizzard fish Biology benthic feeders; food consists of small molluscs, aquatic insect More

polymorphic European whitefish in Lake Femund, Norway?. Archivum für hydrobiologia special issues in advanced limnology, volume 57. 2002; 563 - 576. * Odd Terje Sandlund, Tor F. Næsje, Randi Saksgård, Kjartan Østbye. More

european whitefish; 15’000 years of evolution vs. 100 years of pollution Speciation and extinction in central european whitefish; 15’000 years of evolution vs. More

European whitefish can become Norway’s new farmed fishPublished: 21 December, 2004 TESTS conducted by the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture research institute, Fiskeriforskning in collaboration with the Norwegian College of Fishery Science show that European whitefish is very well More

worked a lot with charr and European whitefish in recent years. Farmers in particular have regarded freshwater aquaculture as a supplemental industry or an alternative to agriculture. Here in Norway, several freshwater species are of interest for farming. More

The quality of European whitefish in the supply chain More

farmed European whitefish in Finland was almost double that of farmed rainbow trout. More

The research confirms that European whitefish has all the desirable properties of a good, farmed fish: It grows fast, utilises the feed extremely well and thrives with high stocking density. More

European whitefish in the Gulf of Bothnia. More

European whitefish are found in lakes, ponds, and streams of the U.K. into Europe, and over towards the Black Sea of the Ukraine. Thought these fish are smaller than the American species they too can be drift-fished with corkies, flies, spinners, and jigs. More

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Coregonus
Species : Coregonus macrophthalmus
Authority : N